How can I win him over?

This guy has liked me for a long time, but I've been neglecting him due to a very busy schedule.. I don't always respond to him when he texts me... I've also noticed that while there's a lot I love of about him mentally and physically, I fail to express it verbally. I do this unconsciously, btw... I'm pretty shy too..
Anyway, I want this guy.. I always have, but the timing was bad. I'm ready to start perusing him back. I would LOVE to be with him and would consider it an honor.

What can I do to make him completely head over heels for me? I would like to start off by expressing what I love about him.. would this come off creepy? Can someone give me some suggestions, or let me know what YOU would like to hear?


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  • I hope he has gotten over you cause it's unfair if a girl can win over a guy after she didn't find him interesting at first.

    If this was the other way around like a girl liking a guy from the very moment but he didn't think she was her type at first until later own he starts to see her as his girlfriend, she'd of moved on.

    With me saying all this is no way to offend you, it's just my opinion


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  • Try to invite him to some relax places to do stuff you both like. Maybe let s say walking on a sea side or taking dogs out. Somewhere u can talk and be comfortable alone. Then pop the topic like oh you called me a lot but i was so busy i couldnt show u the attention u deserve. I am sorry about this and now we can do many stuff blah blah. But in the meantime try to get to know him more to identify what things u can do together to spend more time. If he says somethjg personal or special, or shares an excitement about his hobbies, show him interest like ask questions. Show his life attention like u can even ask him like who is his bestie what is his mom s name Etc. Small things so dont make it like interrogation. Always be cheerful.
    And if he has something comin up like important meetig, interview , exam etc. Always text him and say good luck and always follow up if u couldnt ask lik i remember u had exam the other day how was it? I hope it was fine! So now u r free maybe we can hang out sometime or go see this movie etc. Examples can be a lot. Just show them that his life and he matters to you a lot and u pay attention to what he says. You can also make references when u can about a topic like u remember u said this the other day i think this is this and that it is so true or it is somewhat wrong maybe (challenge him but dont overdo it. It pushes men away)
    I dont know what else. Basically take the step, create opportunities to hang out more, show and pay him attention..


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  • hey.. was he engineer?

    • nope, why

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    • she:"at that time i didn't get back to you"
      "it was nice"
      "but why did you displayed it in college"
      "very bad'
      "but i am still amazed how did you still remember me"
      me (i was in shock):"how did you messaged me"
      "I am not able to believe it"
      she: "i know because i never talked in college"
      "I was bit shant shant (silent) girl"
      me (i didn't know what to reply her): "here internet is not working well"
      she:"ok.. bye"

      please tell me why she messaged me.. and i also checked her whats app status"Madly in love with you again and always" and she also changed her dp to some sketch like picture of her..

    • well this was my story..

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