Should I give up or what?

there's this guy that i met on tinder... ik ik, tinder of all places. i was on there because i was bored and i wasn't expecting anything but yeah i matched with this guy and we really hit it off. anyways, we still haven't met... i go to a community college, and he goes to a college that is roughly 20 min away so its not that bad. however, we haven't been able to meet up. anyway, i kinda like this guy and i would like for it to go somewhere but recently i notice things are seriously slowing down. i confronted him about it and asked him if he was still interested in me, and he said yes.

so im not expecting us to text like every day all the time... he's a busy guy, but I'm starting to feel like he's the kind of guy who won't make time for me. its tuesday, and we haven't had a real conversation since like Friday or maybe even thursday.

what do you guys think? last time i texted him when this happened, but this is the second time and he hasn't even sent me a "hey sorry I've been really busy, talk to you tomorrow" text or something. like bro, give me something...

I'm starting to get tired of what seems to be a lack of effort to meet me and get to know me more. what should i do?


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  • Are you really that desperate? Dump the bozo. 20 fudging minutes away and he was not seeing you later that day or the next? Find someone that is excited to be with you. Anyone interested in you should be all over you like ants on honey.

    • nah we just really connected at first which was totally unexpected. i told him i wasn't going to hookup with him right away and i gave him an out, but he didn't take it and continued talking to me for another month until i started realizing this behavior. but yes, i should find someone who actually has ambition or shows initiative, so thanks :)

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  • tinder is good for only one thing, easy hook-ups. There seems like there are to many obstacles for you and him... so I would just move on and try dating the good ol' fashion way.

    • yeah probably lol thanks

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