Met a girl who just got out of the relationship?

Girls, I need your help!

So this girl was sitting in front of me in the library. I thought she was very cute, we had an eye contact but suddenly she left but her stuff was there. I also had to leave so left me business card, wrote my cell number and "Call me!". The day after she texted me and I set a date for a week. We had a 4h first date in a romantic bar, she texted me right after the date that thank you and she had good time, I replied me too... I texted her after 4 days and after some conversation, I asked her out for Friday, she said she can't but she's free Saturday... I called her tonight (Tuesday) to set the sat night , she didn't reply but called back after 2 hours and after 20 min talk, I asked her for Saturday night. She said she's free but she wants to tell me something. She said: I got out of a relationship 3 weeks ago and I'm in transition and don't wanna be in a new relationship. I told her I don't wanna dive in to a relationship either and I also got out of a short relationship 1.5 month ago and let's take things slowly. She said I just wanted to be transparent and know if you'll be ok IN CASE this turns to a friendship. I told her, to be honest, I'm not looking for friends but let's continue things slowly and see what happens in future. We're now having a date Saturday night.

I live in NY that dating scene is super fast and at the moment I'm dating 2 other girls but she's the only one that I feel there might be a future. I think I took it slowly with her, maybe I shouldn't have called her and just kept it with texting.

I wanted to move things to next level on the second date (maybe kiss her) but I don't think it'd be appropriate after this conversation. What should I do now?

She seemed to be liking me, she texted me a day after I give her my number and she texted me right after the date but this conversation on the first phone call was a turn off.

Any suggestion how to continue?

Thanks a lot beautiful ladies : )


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  • you might be her rebound relationship be careful


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