Inexperienced and Freaking Out!!?

Okay so one of my best guy friend asked me on a date and it was amazing and then i had my first kiss and that was amazing but I freaking out cause I never done any of this. This is my first relationship, date, and kiss. I know that he has been in a sexual relationship before and I know he won't pressure me but Im just worried cause I dont know anything about dating or being in a relationship. Any helpful advice?


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  • There's nothing to know.

    You're already friends with this guy, right? And he's not an asshole or a douchebag?

    Don't worry about it, just enjoy yourself. You'll figure everything out along the way.

    • Thank you so much! You don't even know how much this calmed my nerves right now!

    • I know it sounds cliche, but you really will figure everything out as you go, and it'll be easy as long as you're not trying to force anything. You're young, you're in love, just enjoy it for what it is.

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  • This is a time where you make your own path and yeah you're going to make mistake but learn from them. Also, never be afraid to talk to eachother

  • This is your chance to learn. First, tell him you want to take it slow, that this is all very new for you. And that should be ok if he cares. Find an adult who you trust and are friends with and share your insecurities. You are allowed not to know things. The most important thing is never do anything you don't want to do


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