This guy (who I also like) likes me and is pretty friendly to everyone. But he's so awkward around me. And, I'm a girl (a shy one, too). What could?

... I do to talk to him (preferably alone)? I asked two other questions before and some guys said that I should talk to him like a friend, ask him to do stuff that I'll be doing too in school. But how exactly would I be able to do that without feeling awkward or making him awkward with the whole class knowing he likes me?

Ugh. And we practiced to dance (waltz) for prome. I was expecting him to ask me to be his partner (the teacher told the boys to pick their partner and 😣). It was P. E. class and some boys didn't wear the uniform so the teacher told the guys who weren't wearing it to just watch and not dance. And my partner wasn't weaing the uniform and the guy beside me who wasn't in his uniform just watched like the teacher said but my (not wearing a uniform) partner didn't. So when the guy beside me left, his friend and him went near to where I was and seeing as my partner wouldn't leave, I felth he awkwardly left to go back to his partner.

And I overheard a friend of his ask why he won't ask me out but I couldn't hear what he was saying but he prolly replied that I'll not reciprocate his feelings. 😩

He's my groupmate in a project by the way. Should I ask him to cut the pictures we need?

Sorry if there are any typos.


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  • You should just ask him out to the movies or some other social thing outside of school if you really want to talk to him alone. Maybe that would ease your nerves and akwardness too if you both could talk while genuinely enjoying something fun. Just my two cents. Sorry if I'm not understanding completely. It's been a while since highschool and I've been up for 36 HOURS so what do I know. :P

    • Thanks for answering. Yeah, you don't understand me. 😩 How could I possibly ask him out? But then again, what else could I do? 😓 Ahaha. 😂 36 hours? Really? What have you been doing? 😮

      (These emoticons are so cute ❤)

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