Telling a girl I love her?

Hey everyone. I have really liked this girl since middle school when and all the way up through high school. We talked a few times because we both played the same sport. But I don't think we've talked enough for her to consider me a "friend", maybe a friendly acquaintance.

Here's the problem I have been having though, since I we both graduated High School this year it's really been hard for me knowing that I might never see her again. She moved to another state to go to school and I am working in the same town and going to school. I try to forget about her constantly but it seems like I have dreams about her a few times a week. I know this may sound creepy but I promise I'm not.

What should I do to tell her? Or should I even tell her at all?
Should I write a letter to her? Tell her over a text?

Please help!!!


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  • It's always difficult to give a good advice in such a situation. If you really dream about her, maybe you can tell what you dreams look like. Maybe your subconcious is trying to give you an advice. If she really isn't aware of your love for her at all and you are barely friends, in most cases it won't bring you further to tell her you love her. It could hurt you a lot and destroy the good memories you have about her.

    • Appreciate the advice brother.

    • you're welcome. I've experienced it 3 times before that I fell inlove with someone I didn't have much contact with. The first time I didn't tell her, so we ended as good "acquaintances". I didn't see her anymore after highschool, but if I would, we could just have a nice talk together like old friends. The second time I tried to tell her by email, but she didn't react. after some month I found the courage to call her and meet up with her. Then she told me she thought my email had been some bad joke. But after she wasn't interested in keeping contact at all. Rather wanted me to leave her alone. The third time I tried to tell her by love letter, but she wasn't into me at all, so she also kindly asked me to leave her alone. It's like it is, love at first sight from both sides is very rare, and telling someone out of bright sky that you love her mostly creeps a girl out and evokes a protective reaction. If you have been good friends and hung out a lot before, it's a different story.

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