Should I be worried? Is this it?

My boyfriend and I had a big fight last night. This morning everything seemed fine. When i got to work he sent me a text saying how I'm to good for him and how I deserve better, how he doesn't treat me good. At the end of this long long text he goes you don't have to wast your time on me anymore. I will always care about you always thanks for being you and i wish you the best.

Did he just break up with me or does he want me to fight for him?


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  • He is being a passive aggressive douchbag.

    Call him on his shit.

    Get him on the phone and say "If you're breaking up with me, then be a fucking man and have the balls to say so to my face you pathetic piece of shit. If you can't break up with me like a man, or don't want to, then I'll see you on the weekend. We're going to dinner. Some place nice. Wear a dress."

    Call the shots. This guy is obviously weak.


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like someone is guilt ridden and may be just wanting you to ride his pity wagon, sweetie.. he wants you to text and talk with him how wrong he is, how Great he really is so he doesn't have to bear this cross of con artistry anymore after you both locked horns.
    No, doesn't sound so much like a 'Break up,' as it is for you to hop on his carefree cry caboose.
    Good luck. xxoo

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