Do girls like a pinch of dirty humor when they first meet a young man they like?

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  • I do.

    By dirty humour I mean being cheeky, or being jokingly sexually. I don't mean going full weirdo like dark humour (making fun of deaths or something).
    There are some jokes I wouldn't go near the topic on a first meet, even if meant as un-seriously as possible, purely because you don't know where people's boundaries are. So, something like "what is the main cause for the rise in paedophilia? Sexy children." probably isn't a great first start.

    Something more innocent like "I love what you're wearing. It would look perfect on my bedroom floor" is more the angle I would go for *thumbs up* :)


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  • SO I met this guy out for a blind date the other night We were walking around and he pointed out some plac of interest, and questioned him about it. He said, "No really, it is this..." I questioned it again and he said, "I'll show you in the morning" and laughed. I thought that was super suave and funny, very light hearted yet he let me know that he would, if I would. This is the kind of stuff I like.

    Don't get too specific.. that is just... wierd... for someone you are meeting for the first time. Light hearted suggestive flirting is the key.

  • If the humor makes me laugh I really don't mind. I'm a per myself and make jokes all the time so I don't mind it like once or twice but if it's all the time it will start to bug me and I will think ur a creep.


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