Do I ask him to come out with me tonight?

Started dating a guy I met for the last week. He's 24, I'm 20. He's been sweet, we've been for drinks, dinner & I stayed round his. When I was there he mentioned he wanted to see me Wednesday (meaning tonight). I said I'd love to but I'm going out with friends, then invited him. He was sweet about it saying "my dancings terrible", but didn't say no.
Then he's mentioned do I want to do something this weekend. I don't know if I should ask him if he wants to come to tonight or just leave it?
It's be our forth time meeting up.

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  • Yeah definitely ask him if he wants to come tonight! If he doesn't be respectful and that's that. If he does want to come he might not want to force himself into your night with your friends. Take a chance and ask, good lick and have fun dancing either way!

    • Thank you - I asked & he said he couldn't but happy I just manned up anyway! Seen him since too

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  • ask him you've got nothing to lose LOL

  • Nope never. Every relationship needs in space and separate support structures. Go out with your friends have a good time and whatnot but don't subject him to making small talk with your friends just to be able to hang out with you.

  • No not yet, Wait like a month or so, if he waits that long , and has been nice to you throughout that time , then ask him.


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