What do you think if your girlfriend has issues with her body and tries to hide it from you after sex?

I'm not horribly overweight but I used to be so I have a lot of body issues.


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  • Your guy is your boyfriend because he likes you. And he likes to see you before, during and after sex. Hiding things from him will disappoint him, even though you think you are "protecting" him from a view he really wants to see.

    Try to get over it. He wants to see your body and he enjoys it. Even if you are not 100% happy with your body, be happy that he is enjoying it and don't hide it.

    • I'm scared that if he sees it he'll reject me. I couldn't handle that.

    • He has a good idea of your appearance naked by seeing you with clothes, so I am pretty sure he knows about your weight. And since he is your boyfriend, he would not reject you over that.

    • Thank you for MHO :-)

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  • I'd wonder how much you'd enjoyed the sex itself or if you were too uncomfortable and embarassed the whole time. When I have sex with a girl I want every inch of her, and if you don't like that because of body issues I'll be put off. I also like going into the shower with you after (or before!) and feeling your hot and smooth skin with the soap and water.

    • I'm quiet happy for anything during sex but afterwards I feel disgusted (by my body) I do shower with my boyfriend but I keep mostly his head near mine and my hand on his dick.

    • I find it odd that you're okay with him seeing it all during sex but immediately after it's a no-go. I'd hope that, if you were my gf, you'd learn to accept that I'd picked you because I liked you and the way you looked.

  • It would start to get on my nerves after a while. If I'm having sex with you, it's because I like HAVING SEX WITH YOU. He knows what your body looks like despite your efforts to hide it. And he likes it.

  • I wouldn't have a problem with it. Which areas do you want to hide?

    • Boobs, stomach, vagina area, butt, legs.

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    • He likes my boobs. I try.

    • Just pop them joints out and wear crotchless panties

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