Does he think I can read his mind or something?

I am gonna try to sum this up as short as possible
Me and this boy (Lets call him Jerry) met through text by a mutual friend.
Me, Jerry, and mutual friend went to the movies.
Mutual friend had a party where we watched horror movies so Jerry and I cuddled and held hands the whole night and he was doing things that turned me on.
The week after Jerry was always so excited to see me in school
So I kept saying hi to him when I saw him.
We were going to go to the movies but he had to go to his mom's work.
Last week I began to feel like I was annoying him so I asked him and he said that I wasn't.
Monday at lunch I waved at him and he didn't wave back (maybe he didn't see me)
So today I didn't wanna say hi to him unless he said hi to me. He saw me and got really excited and happy and said hi so I said hi.
Then mutual friend was in class with Jerry today so I texted mutual friend and asked him to tell Jerry to text me later so I could ask him something. (ask if we can go to the movies)
So now I am waiting for him to text me.
I just wanna know if he likes me haha please help sorry this is longish. But help would be much appreciated. So does he like me?

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  • He probably doesn't think you can read minds buttttt there has been theories out there that women kind of already know what men have on their minds. I'm not really sure if it's true but that's what I've heard

    • Did you read the details or just the title haha

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    • Details count

    • Nah, not really. Details are only minor on this site... to come on here and complain. What you really want if your title answered

  • just a friend

    • Okay care to elaborate?

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    • Because as I said in the details, I had my friend tell "Jerry" to text me tonight

    • so he hasn't text u about it then lol. kids these days shm. I;m out peace

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