Is this considered the first date? How fancy should the first date be?

So I met this girl at my sisters house (my sister wanted to introduce us) but I dont think she liked me when she first met me because she never txted back.
Then I saw her randomly at a concert and she danced with me a lot and said she liked dancing with me. So I asked her out last weekend but she was sick and now this weekend I told her Im going to come get her and we are going to go out to eat.

Is this considered the first date or was the day we met at my sisters the first date?
Also if I take her to a Chinese buffet or some other restaurant like that is that a viable first date place to eat? Or should I go fancier?


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  • She's probably just scared of embarrassing her self, i usually have exuces like that when i'm shy because i like the guy and I don't wanna embarrass myself


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  • The first date is the one you guys going out to dinner man. At your sisters house that was you guys just meeting. Anyway I would go for a little fancier but not to fancy do like an Italian restaurant or something. Maybe ask her what type of food she likes.


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  • Move on, she is just not into you.

    There are some guys who women cannot be nice to because they want to take the act of being nice as being interested. Some guys take a woman saying hello as being hot for them.

    Can you just go out and have a nice time with a woman without making a move? The guys who can just enjoy a woman/s company is the guy who has his pick and women are pulled to them like flies to crap. He is the guy who always has women around him.

    I know first hand, my older sister was a cheerleader and I knew how the girls thought. I ended up going to prom and dances with the most beautiful women in a couple of schools.