Age difference and dating?

How do you feel about age gaps in dating? Do you prefer to date older or younger?

If you date outside of your age group, what is the greatest difference (+/- yrs) in age between yourself and a potential date you would consider.

At what point does an age difference become a concern?

*I tried to give as many voting/polling options as possible but, apparently 5 options is the limit.

  • Age doesn't matter
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  • Age matters, +/- 3-5yrs max
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  • Age matters, +/- 6-9yrs max
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  • Age matters, +/- 10-13yrs max
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  • Age matters, +/- 15-20yrs max
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  • Age doesn't matter in love.
    I personally prefer older men because they seem more mature and dependable.


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  • i prefer older guys rather than younger ones...

  • Used to like much older men now doesn't bother me as long as they aren't too young or old

  • I've answered this question over a hundred times it seems like.

    Age difference depends largely on where you are in your life more than actual number. I like to call this "life phases"

    This is why a 14 year old dating an 18 year old is weird even though there's only a 4 year age difference while a 30 year old dating a 47 year old isn't weird at all even though they're a whole 17 years apart.

    A 14 year old is NOT in the same life phase as an 18 year old. A 14 year old is probably a Freshman in high school thinking about high school things while an 18 year old is probably thinking about college things. They just aren't on the same level mentally.
    While at the same time a 30 year old and 47 year old ARE on the same level mentally and probably want the same things out of life. They've probably both been through the marriage thing and it didn't work out previously and now they're looking to try again. They probably have the same goals to either settle down or not and have the same direction in life.

    Age difference causes a concern when you are with someone with completely different goals and aspirations in life it depends on more than just a number. I'm 19. I would probably date someone up to 26 years old if we were both college students and going in that direction in life. I would not; however, date a 23 year old with 2 kids working a full time job. You know? Because even though the 23 year old is younger than the 26 year old they want something different out of life than I do.


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