Wants no relationship, seeing other women but doesn't want to give up on me?

We met for about 3 months, I thought that we were both seeking a relationship but eventually he told me that he doesn't want relationship, for he just finished a bad marriage, he doesn't want to be trapped in a relationship anymore. Then I said 'fine, let's move on.' He started calling me, if I didn't pick up, he would leave the voicemesage worked, then recorded whatever he was doing without any words, sounded like he was dialing wrong number. I called back but he never picked up.
Eventually we were together again, for I do like him. He became distant once we were together again. Days ago I occasionally glanced at his unlocked cellphone screen and there were some texts from another woman kept asking for 'meet up again', he just replied once, saying Good morning.
He occasionally texted me like that. Obviously he was seeing this woman too.
Then I told him that I felt that there was another woman, he didn't say anything as before, he used to say 'no, I don't have time to date other women.'.
Then I decided to quit from this game. He started text me again with strange words, looked like text to wrong person, such as 'Peter at Horns', I texted back, asked who's Peter, he didn't get back until the next morning, saying 'I stayed at a friend's, and it came like this.'
I am confused with this guy's behavior, what's he thinking?


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  • Ditch him. He's either playing both of you or at the very least he isn't that interested in you. You don't want to wait around for some half-arse effort at a relationship (from him) and if he's out of a marriage you don't want to date the guy when he isn't ready and hasn't dealt with the trauma from that. If you have feelings then protect yourself and tell him not to contact you, sounds like he doesn't know what he's doing.

    • yeah, no more get back, I'm done with him. Don't want to be played by such a dildo.

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  • Dump him, your wasting your time on the doofus.

    • yeah, I think so too. Just want to know what he was thinking when he pretended dial wrong number or sent wrong messages. Never met a guy like that before, confused.

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