We can't seem to not get back with each other?

it's been a few times now and we always end up back with each other. he always starts calling again, I ignore for quite a while, then gradually let him back in. he says he needs his freedom because he's young, but he tells me about how seriously he cares for me, how much he likes me he can't seem to back off for very long even when I tell him not to call me. I told him I don't want you if you want to see me and hook up with random girls and he said that wasn't what it was about. he keeps me at a distance when we are seeing each other and he says it's because he's trying to keep his feelings in check, but anytime I need him, he's right there for me. I want to tell him it's unhealthy to do that with his emotions (he has accused me of playing with his emotions, wtf?), especially since he has told me he could completely fall in love with me. both of our groups of friends know all about us pretty much. my friends think we really should be together, but I feel like his "freedom" thing is stemming from being traumatized by a past relationship and feeling like it stole too many years of his life. We can fight like crazy, or argue, it never gets physical, but it's intense, and it usually ends with us doing our best to understand the other (why would he bother with a girl he argues with all the time). I've never had a better time with anyone, we or felt as close and as exposed (we know so much about each other). we can't keep our hands off each other, even though we don't even have sex every time we see each other. I don't really know what this is, he can't seem to give me "definite answers" but I'm not trying to be taken advantage of here, I know I deserve a man's full attention. so what should I do? should I try to talk to him more about his unhealthy habit of trying to keep his own emotions at bay and tell him there is nothing wrong with just letting what happens happen? or does it sound like I should cut him loose, like he's not going to be able to give me what I deserve?

  • it sounds like he's already in love with you
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  • seems like he really likes you, but his motives are unclear
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by the way the fighting is by no means constant, and we've gotten back with each other twice, it's nothing crazy.


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  • "he keeps me at a distance when we are seeing each other and he says it's because he's trying to keep his feelings in check"

    BS. Move on.


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  • I just went through something similar with the no definite answers. I couldn't even get him to say of course I like you or I would be here. You are torturing yourself by allowing it. Cut him loose it will hurt a little in the short term but be way better in the long run.

    I had to force my scumbag ex to finally admit he didn't see all long term for us. He was just riding he sex train and enjoying a plus one when needed. Worst emotional he'll ever because he would give me cuddles and kisses but not include me in his life and acted like I was crazy when I said I felt like he wasn't in it with me.


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  • There's so much there. Please move on, accept the hurt and grow emotionally. It will benefit you in the end


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  • Time to move on sweetie. For good this time