I'm pretty sure he's lost interest, what do you think?

I've been texting this man on a dating app. We met once and it went great but we haven't been able to meet since, due to our work schedules. It's been about a month. I didn't see this as a problem since we're both preeeetty busy but now I'm conflicted. We have each other's numbers but whenever I tell him we should text via that, he says he prefers talking on the app instead. Weirdly, he used to prefer talking through text. He also used to text me constantly but now it's barely once a day. Has he lost interest? I want to ask him out again but I have a feeling he'd decline and I'm worried that he's already found someone to replace me.


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  • Have you switched to calling him instead of text?

    • No, I'm pretty weird on the phone (more so than in real life, haha) so I haven't suggested calling instead because I'd probably trigger some pretty long awkward silences! Do you think I should?

    • Worth a shot, since he's mentioned he's not into texting so that could explain the decreased communication.

      You could Skype too if you need to put a face to a voice.

    • Okay cool, I'll ask and see what happens. Gotta gather that courage first. Thanks!

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  • Jeeebus, find someone else!

    Believe me darling, if a guy was interested in you, he'd find some fudging way to be running his tongue all over you within day or two. If it takes a month to meet once and hold hands, how long will it take the queer to eat you...5 years?

    Dump the queer, let him fuck his app.

  • The guy is pretty much looking for more girls... dating apps are not the greatest form of finding a guy out there. Its hard for some people to communicate in person thus online dating might be suitable. However in online men normally have many options and its what they tend to do. He's loosing interest and will find another girl and then another. sorry:/

    • Just as I feared. Thanks for your honesty

  • Key to any addiction- don't become too available.

    • But it's been a month! How many more months do I have to wait?

    • Being on a dating site is like joining the lottery. Just try to get him hooked and then unexpectedly drop him. Then he will chase you.

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