Is the guy I'm dating a virgin? And does he have some problems?

I've been dating this guy for 2 months and we see each other a lot. We finally had sex which was such a big deal. One day he was like I'm not physically attracted to you, the next week he wants to have sex? Like I'm not understanding how he can be so inconsistent. A month ago he told me I wasn't affectionate and I didn't show love. But when I tell him i feel like Im just with another friend he says oh I'm not that lovey dovey. The virgin part is that when we finally had sex I went to drop him off and he was like thanks for taking my virginity. I was like what and he said nothing. I told me good guy friend about it and he thinks so. There's a lot so if not all clear let me know?


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  • I understand how you might feel, maybe you should try talking to him about it. If he continues to be hot and cold just leave him. Relationships like this can be toxic.

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