Do I kick him to the curb or hang on...?

He and I have been together for 5 years. I think I know the answer to this..just need validation. I found out that he has had relationships on various levels with other women throughout our 5 years. Says he gets lonely on the weekends because we can't be together then. That he needs some type of company. He says he loves only me. But this having other women in his life the whole time he has been with me..he is disrespecting me right? He isn't in love with me like he says right? I need to kick him to the curb right? My problem is I love him too much and am having a hard time letting him go. What should I do?
By various I mean... with a female co-worker of mine, he was writing expilcit sex e-mails.. when I confronted him about it...he said it was "just talk"...that nothing really ever happened and that he could never love her.
another time...he started dating his ex again...just so he could have company. We see each other every week...and are only apart physically Thurs. - Sunday . Over the weekends, we talk continuously...
Then he started having a conversation with another girl...again because he said he was lonely, needed company... he said he dropped her though because she was too white trash for him
He has a "friend" who has sent him Valentines Cards, and signs the word "LOVE" with her name.
On his birthday weekend I was able to go see him. I spent the day with him, I baked him his favorite cake...we made love. 4 days later...I found out he started a profile on a dating site..and had saved a girls profile that he could contact.
On that site though...he never submitted his profile.
Back on the co-worker that the sex e-mails were with...she sent him semi-nude pictures of herself. He has those saved. He does not know I know this.


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  • Yes, you already know what to do. He is not a respectful, loving, caring, monogamous man. Don't you think that you're entitled to that? Do you really enjoy "sharing?" That isn't fair to you and you shouldn't have to settle.

    There are available men who will embody what you're looking for and can be loyal and faithful. Regardless of the fact that you love him, you need to really ask yourself, what are you getting out of this? Why should you accept this type of behavior and treatment from a male? If you love and respect yourself enough then you need to muster up the energy to officially make a decision. The decision should be to kick his ass to the curb. Take some time to feel better about yourself and really determine what you're looking for in a man and a relationship.

    You're worthy of love, respect, honor, friendship, loyalty and all of the beautiful things that encompass a healthy relationship. Please make the best choice.


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  • This will hard for you to do, only the nice guys are easy to dump, true story.

  • on various levels ? please elaborate..

    If he is screwing around you should drop kick his ass streetways...


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