Is he over me? Or am I overthinking it?

This guy was into me or so it really seemed to by his texts, he and I invited him to a dance and he would ask if I would want to go tie shopping with him... like little things like that.

Dance night he is a complete gentleman, we hit it off well, perfect date.

He kisses me that night and touches my boobs.. He got off.
Later I let him go to my dorm and he wants to go farther but asks me if I don't want to let him know and he respected that. i Didn't want to... but he stayed the night (so I don't think he used me or else he would have left)

Other day we had a convo. kinda awk (1st time we saw each other after that night) but not really awk. we talked for a while

tonight I was walking and saw someone looking like him and went another way (sidewalk looks like a Y and saw him walking and saw him look back at me a couple of times...
I text him saying if that was him and he said "I think so" and I was like "oops didn't know it was you lol"

He never responded.. Does that mean he's over me... am i over thinking it or should I drop him?

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  • you are overthinking it.


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  • Goddamn, do you kids ever read your own questions? Print them out and read them throughout the day. Part of the problem i you can't even be upfront with a phony screen name. You have to go anon and hide even more. Such a pitiful way to go about love.

    If you like him as a bf can't you ask if he wants you as a gf? Can you slip him a note if you can't smile and talk at the same time. Is it that fudging hard for an 18 to 24 to do miss?


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