I thought everything was going great but now she's unsure about our relationship?

So everything was going good with this woman I've been dating. We talk or see each other almost every day. She started telling me stuff like "I trust you" and "I just want to see you, lets go do something I don't care what". I had her over for a romantic candlelit dinner and she said she really enjoyed it and we had great conversation.

The next 4 or so days we barely talked. At first I just assumed it was just the usual ups and downs of a relationship or just life in general so I didn't worry about it. I did call her, we scheduled a date for a few days later, we just didn't have any long conversations.

However when I dropped her off at her place she started to tell me that she really likes me but that she's just not sure she's ready for a relationship. She said that she's had bad experiences with guys in the past, they've all cheated on her, which she's brought up before but never used as an excuse till now. She also said she doesn't want to risk the relationship going bad because she's new to the city and we share a lot of mutual friends, and she can't afford to lose friends right now. I told her that if she's lost interest in me to just say so and not treat me like a child (I was a little upset), and she that's definitely not it that she just needs more time and doesn't want to be a couple anytime soon.

I really like this woman, and I want to give her a chance, but at the same time these excuses seem like complete garbage. Especially since this is something should could have brought up 6 weeks ago before we started dating. What should I do?


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  • Just keep doing things you usually do to please her. That is only one thing to proof how you like her.


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  • I guess be patient, she's new to the city, she's been cheated multiple times, show her that all your different from those other douche bags and that you can be there for her.

    However don't let your guard down though if she is playing games with you (which I don't think she is from reading this but who knows) then leave her and move on.