How do I tell my best guy friend I'm falling for him?

One of my guy friends and I keep bordering on friends and a "flirtationship" recently, and I think we both feel the same way but are afraid to admit it cause we're both pretty inexperienced with relationships. I want to tell him how I feel because we're close enough that I don't think it would ruin the friendship, but I also don't know how to bring it up.

Lately he's also been "crushing" on another girl, and of course all of our other friends tease him about liking her, since no one else knows how I really feel. I haven't been joining in and teasing him about her because obviously I get jealous.

He sort of was vaguely asking me for advice about it today saying he was afraid of rejection and didn't want to risk the friendship.

Do you think he may have been hinting at us instead? Or is that in my head?

Do I keep giving him advice about the other girl if he asks? I don't want to come across as jealous, but I also don't want to help him get another girl.

Should I still bring up how I feel about him even though there's another girl sort of in the equation? (He said it's still a crush though)

  • Yes tell him! He's probably thinking the same way!
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I should probably add that we've only known each other since the start of college (3 months) He's my best guy friend >. So I haven't exactly friend zoned him completely. Like I said, we keep bordering friends/more.
I meant to say he's my best guy friend here at school so far.


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  • I ask a girl about another girl just to tease her and make her jelly also to see how she reacts, so he's doing the same, But i guess your have to be straight forward and tell otherwise you might lose him in the long run, i know cause i have. So just tell him you have a thing for him, he won't say it cause he has pride and and he wants to here it from you first.


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  • Huh? How is it even possible for a girl to 'fall' for her guy friend? He should have been buried way too deep in the friend-zone by now. I don't think its even biologically possible for girls to fall for male friends, and its a known fact that girls never let guys out of the friendzone.

  • lol, there's no such thing as a flirtationship. If you're friends, you should not be flirting. If you want to be boyfriend girlfriend, flirt


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