What is the 'normal routine' for becoming exclusive?

So I know this sound kind of weird but how does dating actually go?

So say if I find this girl attractive and I ask her out on a date and we go on a few more dates that just means we went on dates right? That's it? We wouldn't be officially bf/ gf until we actually talk about it or one of us ask the other right?

How many dates do you go on before becoming exclusive? What is your personal experience?


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  • I never went on a date with my current boyfriend until about 3 months into our relationship.
    We fooled around for 2 months then one day he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend.


What Guys Said 1

  • Oh, but you forgot one thing... You have to wait for her to ask: "So, am I your girlfriend?" or "Are we exclusive or what?" or "We've been in so many dates. Where is this relationship going?"

    And I hope you're playing your cards right.

    • Wait for her to ask?

    • You got it... Just sit back and relax.

      I'll say it again: I hope you're playing your cards right.

    • What do you mean "play my cards right"?