What does it mean if a guy shows you interest, then you begin to show interest and this happens?

So there's a guy I like. We've hung out a couple times, made out and stuff and got to know a lot about eachother. He's really sweet and kind, and very attractive. I'm sure he could get anyone he wants. Anyway, he was showing crazy interest in me. And started to like me very early on. He would say he likes me all the time and that he likes who I am and thinks im super attractive.
Recently I've stopped pulling back a bit. Like I realized I like him too, and I've been trying to show him that more through the things I say and asking him to hand out. Now he doesn't seem as interested but I could just be over thinking it.. So it's kinda confusing. What does this mean? why would a guy start to like someone so fast?



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  • It is normal behavior.

    • What do you mean. Does it mean he lost interest?

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