Why is he like this after sex sometimes?

Sometimes my bf is distant after sex. We have been dating for a little over a year and have lived together basically our whole relationship. It's not always like this. And it's not a big distant thing. For example we will be cuddling in bed watching tv. We then do it. And after we are done we sometimes watch TV again. But he doesn't cuddle with me unless I ask him. Why is he like this after sex once in awhile?


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  • Let's put it like thhis. Right before and during sex his hormone levels will spike. And during release all those hormones will be released, resulting in a serious hormone low right after sex. This causes a change in behavior. For some it's barely noticeable, and for others it's quite dramatic. Also it can vary from day to day.

    so it's quite normal, and while annoying to you he can't help it. I'm afraid you just have to accept it as a part of him.


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  • Its related to harmone (can't explain deeply because I'm not biologist) and I'm sure because I've seen it in a TV show.
    You are lucky that he cuddles you, I don't even want to see my bae's face after sex LOL.

    • Are u serious? Lol that's not very nice of u ;p

    • What can I do my harmones keep telling me "you did what you want now go and do something else" LOL :P
      But seriously it doesn't means that I'm mean. I care for her so much. :)
      And it is same for you two too.

  • The other anon is right. Also some guys are just not the cuddly type after sex even if they do it in the beginning.

  • A mans behaviour when he wants sex, is going to be different to his behaviour when he's just had sex.

    Like how, if you're hungry you will act one way. And if you've just eaten, you will act another way.


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