Asked out a friend of friend, I'm nervous?

I knew of a friend of a friend by acquaintance, we haven't met or exchange pleasantries more than twice. But she felt nice enough that I decided to want to try a relationship with her.

Unfortunately, I was too hasty - I casually texted her and then immediately asked her if she wanted to go out next weekend. She laughed and asked if I was phonejacked, big mistake urgh.

But she accepted. And I kinda wussed out by saying we oughta self-intro ourselves before going out, and she laughed. Well, the good thing was that she kept laughing and making smiley faces. The bad thing was that it was pretty much all she kept typing. It felt a bit terse. And when she did started to type longer responses after 10 minutes into convo, she stopped typing the "lols" and the smileys.

I'm meeting her this weekend, and I just messaged her to confirm the location. She lol-ed a lot too, but again it was kinda terse.

I don't know what to expect this weekend. I've never before dated a stranger. Is she being polite, or does she like me, but how can she if she didn't know me?


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  • She's probably shocked you were that forward with her. If she agreed to the date she wants to go.

    • icic.. I'm glad she wants to go but I do hope she has a reasonable expectation of me. One reason why I used to only date friends was because they kinda knew who I was, and it was less stressful meeting expectations lol

      Thanks for your reply!

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  • focus on having fun and not impressing her or anything like that.

    • Thank you, I'll try to keep that in mind! :) Unfortunately I haven't planned anything fun or outdoor-y for the first date. I had picked a lunch date at a mall..

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