Is asking a guy out a second time pushing it?

I asked a shy guy out (sorta told him my feelings) paast June and he was really nice abbout it but said he had a gf. He thanked me for telling him etc etc so it didn't seem like he was bothered by the fact i aske dhjm out, but said that he haas a gf. Now he doesnt. And i still like him. I did this over fb nd wver since then we dont have any classes together and haven't talked. he's pretttyyy shy and i can't pick upny signs that he's interested. I feel like he thknks im just over it and never thougjt about it. Would it be pushing it if i asked him out again?


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  • Try talking to him first to see how he reacts.

    • Its very difficult for me to talk in person because he's always doing something aka hmw so on fb?

    • I know how you feel I have the same problem. We always meet I a group and I never get chance to see him on his own. I have started talking to him though and yesterday he even came over and talked to me. I normally FB message him a couple of times a week too.

    • I know! Its hard! But he's realy shy and he barely talks nd no one really notices him unless ur in his cass or w. e. i would talk to him if only he was really awx and shy. When he sees me, he really tryes to avoid eye contact... at least thats what i feell.

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  • casually ask him out, not a date, but just hangout first. see how it goes.

    • How do i spark up a convo with a person that is shg and isn't very visible at school

    • you just straight up talk to him. someone has to do the damn initiating otherwise you're going to waste a lot of time in between. life is short. just do it. ya know?

    • Good point. Just gotta work put my guts

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