What should I think about this rejection (read description)?

Ok here goes.

So there's this girl who seems to be strange. She grew up in very unfavorable circumstances, with her parents hating her for some reason. They were always cruel to her, and never showed her any kind of love or affection. And they have said some REALLY sick things to her and taunted her. And being rich, they did provide her with a luxurious life. She wants to move out, but she has some kind of disability which she says prevents her from working in most jobs, and so she isn't sure of managing on her own (although she happens to be a double graduate with a diploma too).

Now the other aspects. She openly admits she's very shallow, and she wouldn't even consider dating a guy unless he was extremely good looking. She says kindness and personality are important too, but her top priority is always looks. She was involved in an illicit relationship with a married man twice her age, just because he kind of resembled Brad Pitt. And she was in a few more relationships with real jerks who were good looking but treated her like crap. Her point of view is that, since she's quite good looking herself, she finds it 'insulting' to be seen with a guy who doesn't look good.

So a couple of days back, I asked her out knowing very well that she would reject me anyway. I too wasn't too serious about that, and just took a chance because quite frankly, I was quite moved by her issues. She did reject me, and the reason she gave was "You're too old for me (she's 23, I'm 27) and you look too delicate and unmanly. I prefer someone who looks rough and manly".

So should I feel bad that she didn't consider me good enough for her, or should I be relieved that I actually dodged a bullet?

P. S. I'm not too bad looking myself, and it won't really be difficult for me to actually get a date with someone else if I just try.


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  • You dodged a bullet. She sounds like she has major issues that need to be worked out with a physcharist. No one is perfect but you don't want all that baggage either.

    • My thoughts exactly! But I just wanted to clear it up!

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  • I can't believe you even asked her out at all. You dodged a bullet.


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