Does she like me girls what do you think?

: from the first time that i saw her she caught my eye. I stare at her from time to time. we were set in groups fro physics lab. I caught her looking at me several times in the lab. when i look at her she looks down. in one of the labs the professor was talking and I recorded a value. she didn't hear it then she asked one of my group members he had no idea and he said ask him ( me). she came to me and she was not making any eye contact , looking in the ground while talking to me. I found that weird since when she talks to other guys she makes full eye contact. the next day i was sitting next to my friends and she came in to us and she asked for mobile charger. it could be that she genuinely need a charger or she could be making excuses to talk to me. After we finished our lab she was out waiting for a taxi and i was at the gate as taxi passed by i saw her looking at me ( in my direction) does she like me? how to approach her. we dont have mutual friends , I addd her in Facebook and she accepted after 3 hours. does she like me


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  • she likes you, most likely. if she makes eye contact with other guys, but not you and looks to the ground instead, she is nervous to be around you and afraid that she will blush and you'd notice when looks into your eyes. plus, she is always looking at you. that is a sure sign that she likes you :) get to know her a bit and start conversations with her, and then ask her out :)

  • She definitely like you. She just very shy. Go on ask her out.

    • I texted her and as soon as i texted her she went offline. it is been 10 minutes now

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    • I am really getting frustrated , she goes online for a second or two then she goes offline what should I do

    • Talk to her when you met her next time. For me I like brave guy. Who dare to talk to me in person. Not sure if she will be same. If u tried to but she doesn't have eyes contract. You may said like" you are such a poor boy, came over to talk as u wish to see a beautiful face but it seems floor is more luckier than you" then just give and appointment to meet her after class

      Good luck!

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