Girls (or guys), I know she likes me, she knows I like her, any suggestion?

Hi everyone! First of all, English is not my language so I'm sorry for any mistake. Here's the situation: I like this girl for a year and now I know she likes me back. I know her, I know her signs and that stuff and her friends are my friends so we have plenty of times together, but not that much times alone. We're always trying to find reasons to go at the school bar alone (me + her) and we're always laughing, even if we're not funny, I meet her every week at her horse training (is this the way we say it in english?) and I help her at school, she helps me back, we talk everynight for hours but the truth is that I've never had a relationship before and she has been with two older and experienced guys. I'm her age (16). I think it's not time yet to start a relationship but, although she's starting to like me more than just "liking" (she talks about me, she stares at me at class (we're side by side there), I want her to know she can trust me for whatever she wants, because that won't bother me, and I want to be more intimate with her. I don't want to lose this "first stage chemistry" between us. It has crossed my mind start being more intimate and talk about us now and then... any suggestions?

I still need a girl/woman opinion :D
C'mon, one more simple opinion girls :D


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  • Well, if it's normal to go out on dates like we do in the US, ask her to go out with you. You could also try holding hands of that's also socially acceptable because physical contact is a really great way to build trust.

    • I'm trying to develop that quality, I'm always close to her and with my body against her, she replies it, but everyone's always starring and there's this other girl that likes me but she's a great friend of mine, so I don't want to be that close to the girl I like in front of her... but I think holding hands is great, specially when it's so cold. Thanks :D

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  • Goddammit... I don care if you live in Timbuktu... just tell her!

    Invite her out and confess after a few dates. If she rejects the date proposal you have not lost much of your 16 yo face.

    BTW, nice work. You write better than a lot of the native speakers.

    • Great to know I'm not that bad at english, I've got to congrat my teacher. Thanks for your opinion, it sounds great, I'm just a little insecure to tell her yet, but I don't want to miss my shot... maybe I'll try to be more intimate to her and notice her signs. Thanks again ;)