Who came out looking worse in this situation this girl or i? Should I apologize and explain myself?

This goes back to freshmen year of college and now were sophomore. This girl and i flirted and talked a lot and she flirted with me by awlays saying my name, Locking eyes, and tried to sit next to me. Well i was shy and never acted like an idiot until I manned up and told her I liked her and have her my number. She said shed text me next semester and we both went home for summer. We live in the same building and she texted me and we met up she always texted me and I fell for her again. She had a bf and I didn't know until he posted a pic on Facebook and tagged her in it. I blocked her and erased her number and haven't texted her back in a month cause im out if it. I actually want to apologize and tell her I like her a lot and I can't be just a friend but I have too much pride.



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  • Nope, no. You're out, stay out of that. She has a bf and you have feelings for her so you will only get hurt and if she's flirting with you then she's using you for an ego boost. Leave it alone.

    • Well this BF isn't that important to her lol. He's in the army and she never even mentioned him so she can't be that crazy about him. I know a friend whos dating a military man and she made a whole post about him on Instagram on veterans day. This girl doesn't even acknowledge him so I sorta wanna take my shot again and see what happens. I at least want her to know I like her still and my reason for moving on.

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    • The wound never closed she still talks to me when we pass by each other and didn't know I blocked her yet and asked why I haven't texted her recently and I told her in was busy and didn't tell her the eactual reason.

    • If you want to go ahead and screw yourself over, then go ahead.

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