Is he really scared?

I've dealt with a couple of guys that mentioned that they couldn't be fully committed in a relationship because they were scared. Scared of what, exactly? Idk. In these particular situations, they were both just trying to hit and quit. In my personal opinion, I think it's all part of a game, but from a guys perspective, what does "scared" mean?
  • He's not scared at all. It's game.
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  • He really is scared of commitment. Nothing against you.
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  • Didn't vote. I used to be scared that I would miss the right girl. I was also scared of money issues and though I could not afford a gal and ate her right.


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  • I don't know why people are scared of commitment.

    A relationship is just a relationship, its not marriage... if he tries it for a while and it doesn't work out, he can always break it off. Never saw what there was to be scared about when there is such and easy escape.


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  • Scared to hurt you because they know they are selfish assholes.

  • Scared of picking the wrong girl


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