Should I Confess My Feelings?

There's this guy I've liked for 1 year, and he's a close friend of mine. Sometimes as a friend his actions can be so misleading, he does things that only interested guys will do to girls. But I'm not really sure because I think he only thinks of me as a friend. Even my girl friends are confused since his attitude towards me is between 'interest' and 'just be friends' zones.

Two days ago, my girl friend confessed to the guy she likes, and she says she feels calmer although the guy doesn't give her any answer. Since then, my friends told me to confess.

But I feel like it's not a right thing to do. I feel like my friendship with him will be ruined, and he's going to avoid me. But there's no way he'll confess to me first.

What should I do? Should I confess?


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  • You should confess, what the worst thing can happen? maybe humiliation or rejection but still. It's better to let it all out of your chest.


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  • If he's a good friend, and genuinely likes you as a friend, he won't let it be weird for too long if it's not reciprocated.

  • I'm exactly having this dilemma!! Totally feel you girl.
    Tbh if he's a really good Friend of yours, this should not break the Friendship u guys have together.
    All the best!!

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