Would you date a recovering binge eater?

Like if she's in counseling.
And has stabilized her weight or is very very slowly losing weight.


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  • I would if she was willing to try and enjoy food again in a fun way. I would be so sad if we couldn't cook together/try new food every once in a while.

    In the end it's about portion control, correct? I'd just make sure we always got the same portions and that way no one ever can say they're unsatisfied.

    I don't know if that would work, but good guess.

    • eh... in the end its about mentality not portion control... and its about whether your are actually full or not, not how much you ate

    • It would definitely be a challenge. I guess I'd have to have it explained to me. The concept is new.

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  • Sure, if I liked her that wouldn't stop me from dating her. I'd think it was good that she was doing something to get control back over her life.

  • Is she fat?

    • let's go with 0-15 pounds overweight

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    • a neutral way? She's larger but not proportionally larger?

    • It depends realistically it matters more what she's like but she could be a great person but if she's not that good looking I'll never give her the chance to show me she's a great person I'd have to see a picture of this girl to make an education judgement. If it's you look yourself in the mirror be 100% honest and decide if you're good looking or not.

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