Why do people fake relationships and friendships on social media?

I've come across many many relationships on social media that are clearly phony, I've seen evidence that provides they are not loyal for example. Do people do it for the 'likes and comments'? Or do you think people fake relationships and friendships all the time, regardless if social media is involved or not.


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  • Because sometimes that's their only shot at a type of relationship...

    Oh and internet "relationships" don't have to be intimidating and can easily be trashed or thrown away...

    Unlike real relationships where people actually need to try, conversate, and go through horrible breakups...

    I've personally been in a long-distance relationship with a guy, though we never considered ourselves "dating".

    Online dating is simple. Like, eating sweet piece of candy. Easy rip open the wrapper, Indulge in it for a while, and throw the wrapper away while the candy melts in your mouth, gone forever. Until you go back to the store and buy some more. The cycle repeats.

    My story: I never met him once. We skyped. Suddenly we stop communicating. Two months pass by, one of us hit each other up. Indulge in more sweet talk/laughs... Stop talking/log out. Log in. Log out. Etc.

    You probably get me now, and I most likely proved my point ;-)