Why is he acting like this if he doesn't want anything serious?

I've been casually seeing a guy for a few months. A couple of weeks ago, we had the dtr talk and he said he didn't want anything serious. I was slightly disappointed and things got awkward. I hadn't seen him since - partly because of the chat and partly because we've both been incredibly busy with work.

Tonight we met up for a drink and things were really confusing. He seemed to do stuff that wasn't casual. He pulled my chair out for me and tucked it in. He wrapped his arms around me to keep me warm while we waited for a cab. He insisted on paying for everything. He held my hand for the entire cab ride. cuddled me and held me hand. He held my hand during sex. And then we just cuddled and chatted for ages. He started to get sleepy so I left because he had to be up really early and tomorrow's my day off. He asked if I could stay longer and just sleep with him.

The other thing is that while we were out, several strangers referred to us as a couple and him as my boyfriend.

I just feel like if other people think we're a couple, how the hell am I meant to understand what's happening? I just don't get what he's thinking or what he wants from me.

What should I do? Why would he act like this if he doesn't want anything serious? And how do I ask him if he's only doing this with me?


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  • If he says he doesn't want anything serious, he doesn't want anything serious.

    Keep turning this into something it isn't, and you're going to get hurt.


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  • well, if you really doubt he meant what he said then just tell him exactly what you told us. if he continues to deny it but acts intimate id just take a step back or move on... intentionality or not he's plying games with you.

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