Advice for guys for dating women/ picking up woman?

I see all these sites for woman like how to get a man how to get a guy to notice you or how to learn if a guys a player or not. These are in books magazine and internet articles. Buy there never any advice for guys.

so I want to ask guy what your advice to other guys on how to. Pick up girls. Or date them. Give like three examples or a short step by step.

lady's you can chime in too but I don't really want your advice cause females are too nice I want a honest answer but don't let what I said or think discourage u prove me wrong and give some good advice.

P. S sorry if that's rude didn't mean it that way


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  • Don't listen to girls. Be respectful and thoughtful? That's not gonna get you laid, that's what "nice guys" have been complaining about all this time.

    There are certain things you have to have before anything:
    - eye contact
    - be able to give compliments
    - be able to tease a girl
    - be able to hold a conversation
    - be confident enough to ask for her phone number/hit on her/go for what you want
    - be able to lead
    - speak with confidence
    - get physical
    - be able to have fun, because you're gonna get rejected a lot, might as well have fun doing it.

    For example, when I see a girl that I want to hit on, I go direct. I am confident about it, I look her in the eye as I give her a compliment, I introduce myself, I shake her hand, I don't immediately let go unless she pulls her hand away. I talk to her for a few minutes. I know she needs to get to know me and feel like I'm a cool person. I have to be persistent and persuasive sometimes. She might be in a hurry, so I try to convince her to talk to me for 3 minutes. Which might be enough. I talk to her, I might tease her. For example I might say her job is boring. I try to find girls that I like and I know there aren't that many out there, so I don't care to make it work with every girl. After talking to her, if I like her, I point out something in her personality, or I would just say I think you're cool. We should exchange phone numbers and I'll send you a text later. I give her a hug good bye.

    Disclaimer: Reading this wouldn't help you at all unless you go out and do it, because that's how learning works, by doing, not reading.

    • Dude that was some damn good advice. I'm not shy well I'm shy but not super shy I have lot of friends who are girls but they see me a a friend. Ur advice was what I wanted to hear I knew this stuff but it sounded better from someone else u know ur shit

    • Thanks man. I'm shy too, I have to force myself to talk to a 2-3 girls before I feel comfortable. This part is easy to learn, since even if they reject you, you still learn those skills (eye contact, conversation skills...), it took me a lot longer to get hang of what to do on a date.

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  • Be respectful and thoughtful. Approach a women with a the intention of getting to know her. Don't use any pick up line. Be honest about why you spoke to her, you think she has an intruging smile? Or a delightful laugh? Show some confidence but don't act like you're a prize, make her feel special, and don't hit on her friend right after you tried to talk to her.

    • Your advice is not bad but I heard it before. Its common advice girls give to there guy friends. I tried to treat girls like y
      there special but I feel like I'm getting used I notice girls go. for the guys who think there the shit and could care less and only show little to no affection to them. U gotta act like she isn't changing ur life or anything right. Be the bad boy. Cool guy so to speak I don't know I'm at my wits end lol thanks for advice

    • If you want an immature, attention-seeking tart then yeah act like a dick. If you want a self-respecting women who is looking for a decent man then you have to woo them. A good women deserves to feel special.

  • Okay picking up woman?
    Go up to her in the club and start dancing. If you can dance, she will be interested. The more alcohol she has drunk the more likely she will come home with you. Sounds shitty, but it is true.
    Dating woman:
    Want to meet a woman and keep her, then you need to meet her somewhere neutral. If you have a class together ask her out for coffee, get to know her. Or meet up in a group so it doesn't get weird.
    Three things that will always impress:
    1. Dress nice
    2. Smell good
    3. Character
    (Find out what you have in common and be yourself. We are looking for common ground!)

  • Okay here's an honest answer. We girls usually pick guys who work out than guys who spend time indoors playing video games. And we want cool and confident guys, not the guys who try too hard to get attention. Don't always be nice to girls because that'll lead you to total friendzone. But don't be a douche either. And it won't hurt to compliment girls because we do love compliments. Kay kay I hope this helps. Good luck :)


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  • Really the best advice I can give you is to get experience dating is like any other activity the longer you do it the easier it becomes you pick up on patterns how to pick out types of women in crowds how to talk with them ect. Just be confident, passionate respectful and be yourself be comfortable with who you are.

  • On how to pick up girls. You gotta walk up to them and be like hey bitch! My dick ain't gonna suck it self! Jk but I usually just walk up to one and say hey! What's your name? And then the conversation will start. Talk for a couple of minutes get her number and leave.

    Talk to girls as if you're talking to a friend

    And for dates? Kinda depends lol

  • Here's some advice never take dating advice from any woman or girl. Their telling you what you want to hear but the truth is they want the opposite of what they want. Most don't even know what the hell they want.

    • Oh my god u are the homie this is the exact advice I was looking for raw a and straight up no cushion hurting someone feeling crap that was good advice

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    • No problem. Bro I notice that they always go for the guy who treat them bad I always treat them good but they put me in the friend zone and want to tell me there relationship problem I notice that a lot with woman its not until later I think they settle for the good guy. But what I'm saying isn't 100% true more like 98% u know

    • Stay away from those girls looking for the shoulder to cry on. What a load of crap that is. My BF broke up with me boo hoo hey you know what toots? You picked him.

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