How would I go about asking this girl to coffee?

I know this girl from university. I was in her class last term and talked briefly about the course. I wish I had talked to her more.

Anyways, it's a couple months later and I've walked past her a few times while heading to class. I don't want to hold her up if, like me, she's rushing to another class. What do you think...

Without chatting her up too much, should I just say that I don't want to hold her up but ask if she'd be free for coffee?


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  • I think you can ask in a straightforward way. "I know you're running off to your next class, but I would like to have coffee with you sometime this (next) week."


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  • Say I like talking to you, I know you have class , so I won't hold you up. Here is my number let's get coffee sometime. It's not always the best thing to do, but in this case being direct is best. :)

  • Just ask her when you see her. It's that simple. It shows confidence and then you'll have an answer.


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  • "hey m8 do u lyke cofee cos i really wanna drink 1 with u b4 i try and shag u"

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