How to get over being stood up? ( Girls only)?

Hi. Ok well I tried this dating website before and I met this guy that was a great match with me. We really clicked and our point of views were the same and everything. Then we decided to meet and our first date was very good, but he suddenly stood me up on the second date without saying anything to me. I've started a new and real relationship with someone else, but being stood up still affects me negatively. After my dates with my bf, I'm always scared that I'll be stood up again. I want to get past this. Girls, CAN YOU HELP ME OUT? PLEASE?


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  • Be yourself. If you are a right girl for him. He would not stood up. If he does find new one. Don't care about that idiot boy. I used have this experience. Finally, I found out that be myself is the best way. Confident in yourself girl.


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