Asked girl out, she replied "I can't this sat, I already have plans. Next time" A few minutes later she added "I will let you know. How you've been?"

I met her at work where we worked graveyard. My job involves moving around the company a lot so I get to see a lot of people. One night I noticed her in the hallway, smiled at her and she smiled back. We kept doing this for like 2 weeks until one night I stopped her and asked for her name. After that we spoke a little every time we crossed paths. One night about 6 weeks ago, she told me she had quit and the next day was going to be her last. I bought her a little box of chocolates as a farewell gift but was not able to give it to her personally as I couldn't locate her that night. In the end I gave it to one of her friends and put a little note inside telling her that I thought she was cool, that I was gonna miss her, and that I wished I had had more time to get to know her better. She texted me that morning after work thanking me for the gift and said she also thought I was pretty cool and that hopefully we would get the chance to hang out soon. We texted back and forth for a few days and she told me about a concert she was going to. She said "let's go" and so we went and had a great time, we even entered the mosh pit, I thought she was awesome and after dropping her off she texted me asking if I made it home ok. We texted more and on Thursday 10/23 on my way to work I called her to ask her out to eat that Saturday. I'm extremely busy with work and school so I don't get many Saturday's off, so that was a perfect day. She did not answer and when she called me back I was already at work. So she texted me "what's up " and I asked her out through text (something I don't like doing.) She replied with the above texts and a responded "I've been ok, busy with school. And yes let me know cause I wanna see you again". This was 3 weeks ago and haven't heard from her since. Did I freak her out or scare her with that last text? Should I try again? I haven't had a weekend off since then, but I'll have the next 3 open. What do you think?


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  • I don't think you scared her off. I think you should have been texting her all along, but reach out to her.