Don't know what to think about this? What should I do now?

Be ways texts first and we chat lots , but he jokingly said while talking on the phone that he was so tired last night and I was going on texting when he wanted to go to bed !! But it was him who was texting me I was replying , I told him if he's tired to say and we can end the conversation , I feel awkward now texting even tho it's him who contacts first !! He was mean he was saying it jokingly but I feel silly :/ he's texted me now and we've chatted but I'm feeling awkward


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  • I think he is pretty interesting in you. It just a joke. Guy have only 2 brains and not complicated. Just let's it go. It is not worth to think about such a little thing like a joke. To have a good relationship forgive, forget is one of the best way to keep good relationship. Hope it help

    • I no you are right , but last night he texted then rushed to go " text you tomorrow night night xx" that's what he put

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    • He texts me and calls and then he says he doesn't no what to say half the time :/ confused

    • Don't worry about that. When he text you or calls you did you talk a lot. Your conversation make him happy or uncomfortable? If you always make him happy not moody. He might not go anywhere else. If you always makes him unhappy to be with. He definitely looking for someone else.

  • I don't think he meant anything bad by it. He was tired and STILL wanted to chat with you. That's a good thing!!

    • He rushed me off last night :/ why text in the first place

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