My boyfriends ex is obsessed with him?

My boyfriend was seeing a girl before me but broke it off before we started talking. They were never serious or together for very long but for the past 3 years we have been dating she won't leave him alone! She's constantly texting him, posting things to his Facebook (his entire page is filled with her posts), and now she wants to Skype with him since she moved cities a while ago. He won't ever tell her no because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings but enough is enough. I've told him I don't like her or the fact that they talk but he doesn't seem to care. How should I talk to him about it without him getting mad at me?


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  • He likes her still, if he didn't he would just tell her to leave him alone as it's disrupting his relationship, "doesn't want to hurt her feelings" lol, that is a load of rubbish if I have ever heard some, it doesn't mean he wants to be with her, but the like is still there and to tell somebody to stop likeing somebody is really hard, you could confront her and ask her what she wants? why she is being so obssessed with your boyfriend, she might back off after that if she feels unweclome to talk to him, if she persists it's likely she is trying to get with him, in which case you really need a chat with your boyfriend to see what he is going to do about it.

    If he won't do anything you need to tell him it's hurting your relationship, if he continues to not care then you have to think about if you're going to continue to stay with him as you might be hurt one day with a guy like that.


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  • Sounds like he doesn't want her to leave him alone.
    Hurt feelings or not, it's been three years. Even if he didn't outright tell her to stop, if he didn't reciprocate, she'd have stopped by now.
    Then he gets mad at you? lol that's a joke. Anyway, deal with it, he likes having her "obsessed" with him, he clearly does respond to her, so you either leave him over this or just realize he isn't going to stop now, you've let him do it for three years why would he suddenly stop now

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