Neither of us can be in a serious relationship but both like each other?

So if you and someone like each other a lot but both don't think you can be in a serious relationship what do you do? Met a guy that I really connect with. I ended up staying over at his place (just made out and stuff, cuddled.. no sex) a week ago. I'm completely myself around him and definitely feel a strong connection. Only issue is neither of us can do a serious relationship right now because of multiple things. I don't want to cut things off with him just because of the relationship stuff.. and I am very sure he isn't using me. what do you guys suggest I/we do in this case? i have no prob doin what we are doing but want to make sure I'm the girl he's thinking about and cares about also..


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  • How old are y'all?

    • Lol that's an issue.. I'm 20 he's 18. He's mature for his age though.

    • It shouldn't be an issuse. If y'all like each other, be friends first and let it develop from there. Y'all might can work out.

    • You're right. I just am worried that this will turn into friends with benefits which I'm not sure I can handle. But I do know he truly cares and stuff so that may not happen... I just want to continue to spend time with him he's a great guy.

  • Sounds like you need to enter friends with benefits relationship but I hope you can handle it.

    • Idk. I guess I'm hoping that we will both figure our shit out and then be in an actual relationship.. not sure though. I probably should avoid waiting around

    • Or maybe for now just keep in touch without anything serious mean while both of you are busy. Then maybe after that both of you can figure out what to do.

    • Good idea. I don't need to make any decisions yet.. we like kind only hung out three times.. lolol