What is the most genuine moment you met someone you dated?

So today I was at the college advising building and while waiting I saw a cute girl working on a puzzle. So I decided "Hey, I am waiting why don't I help her solve the puzzle!" Anyways I asked her and we got to talking. She seemed like a really cool girl and I asked for her number... still not sure if I want to ask her out or not, but it got me thinking: What are some of the most genuine moments someone had with another before they started dating? Like how did their first encounter go with that other person, was it special?

sorry if the title question is worded funny... it is a difficult question to phrase!
What my question pretty much is asking is "What is the most special first encounter you had with someone before you started dating them? (something genuine)


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  • If I feel happy to be with that guy. I would love to go out with him. His perspective that makes me happy to be around that would be a good sign to get to know more. In another word is talking about things that is enought special.

  • Im confused about your question, sorry

    • i put in an update to help explain the question!

    • Ok thanks, few years back i was was on a course for work, we were put in teams of 3, one guy i got on with so well, we talked about everything n anything, i enjoyed his company, eventually he asked me to go for a coffee, i did, we swapped numbers, and talked for hours on the phone n texted each other regularly , i eventually started dating him, i think it was special cos we became good friends before dating, and knew a lot about each other before we dated, so i knew a lot of his qualites prior to becoming a couple, ee lasted about a year

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