Girls help with my problem?

So I ended up letting a guy do me in the butt recently. We were drunk and it happened... I'm nervous now though bc I like girls still but not sure about what happened :/


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  • I am not really sure what you want help with? Do you want to know whether girls still will like you or not? Or do you want to know if you are bi or not? Only you know if you are bi or not, if you like both girls and boys then you are bi. Whether girls will still like you after the episode depends on the girl.

    • Ya if girls will still like me? Or will they think I am a bitch now? You are an attractive girl would you still like me?

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    • Damn and you are single too! Lol so should I just start wearing panties now?

    • Maybe we can just forget about you knowing I took it in the ass hehe and pretend I am your manly man :)

  • Maybe you're bi sexual, or maybe you just like anal sex, why not have a girl fuck you with a strap on?

    • Haha oh man I that would be interesting lol. Where would I find a girl who would be interested in that? Lol

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    • Pof =plentyoffish

    • Ok thanks!

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