Should I ask out a female friend i'm not extremely attracted to but like her personality?

I don't look at this girl and immediately fall for her looks but I love her personality and she is the total good girl. She is a virgin, doesn't drink, and really caring especially towards me. I awlays considered her a friend but I've chased some pretty sketchy girl in college and came up empty. This girl is trust worthy and seems to care about me more than flirting and wanting to get my attention. She's like 7.5 out of 10 or 8 but I can trust her and have known her for 3 years.



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  • The outside appearance doesn't mean anything. Her personality is her true beauty. Go for it, what are you hesitating for? You can trust my advice I'm a good girl and I still have my v card too. I prefer a guy who thinks my personality out weights my looks. (I'm not ugly just for the record lol). :)

    • Lol neither is she she just isn't the type if girl that I look at and fall for or think terrible thoughts lol that guys think when they see a hot girl.

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    • She has asked me how many girls I have slept with and dated too and that was an awkward question.

    • I'll be serious until I'm not going to grad school cause then I'll have to move away.

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  • If you are at least attracted to her then go for it. If you aren't attracted at all I wouldnt. You have to be at least somewhat attracted to the person your with or problems will ensue

  • Do it!! there is nothing wrong with it.

  • This may not be the best advice. It's up to you, but i say: No. Keep her as a friend and continue to shop around. If in the end, your purchases keep coming up valueless, then pursue her. If she falls head over heels for someone else while you're shopping, you two weren't meant to be.

    • My issue is I go after the most attractive girks possible and a lot of times they love the attention from all the guys and never choose one. She is attractive a lot op people like her but she's my friend and I never saw her as more.

    • But now you see her in a different light, so: If you feel like you're tired of running in circles, then go ahead and make a pass at her. It wouldn't hurt anything-if she feels the same.

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