Losing interest in someone?

If you start losing interest in someone you're trying to decide if you want to date or just be friends with.

Would you just start ignoring them?
Do you tell them you're just not interested anymore?
What do you do?


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  • Girls have a hard time with the being mean or not wanting to hurt they guys feelings... so they tend to ignore the guy there could be more factors here..


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  • Tell them you're not interested anymore; it's less painful for them if you don't let it drag on.

    I'm speaking from personal experience here.

    • Yeah I'm not losing interest in wondering if she is!

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    • Well I'm not totally sure how I feel. I think she's the type of girl I'd like to date but I want her friendship either way. But she seems to be ignoring me over the last month or two

    • Well then just ask her the question about how she feels.
      Just be honest with her: say you want to be friends but you're unsure if you want more than friendship.

  • If you're losing interest then it doesn't lead to feelings of wanting to date them. I'd just ignore them. If you feel like the person is starting to latch onto you, begin to make yourself unavailable.
    Wean them off of your presence or just abruptly disappear off the face of the planet.

    • I'm wondering if she is! Why just ignore them? Why not tell them you're just not interested?

    • It's easier said than done for people who hate hurting other people's feelings. I agree that she needs to fess up. Maybe you should interrogate her.

    • Yeah I can see how people would feel that way, but I feel like not fessing up and ignoring me is a jerk move.

      She has said she is just busy, but to busy to return a text?

      The vibe I got from her when we were hanging out was that she wasn't the type of person to just ignore someone?

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