My boyfriend doesn't take me serious?

I know him for almost three years and we were FWB. I always wanted more then that but as I like him so much I couldn't stop giving what he wants. Few months ago unfortunately he got cancer and since then he became more serious, we started to going out to eat and etc as he was very frightened and all. I cried with him and I did all I could do for him like always. And he was moving back home for his treatment and he said I could come and visit him but he never let me. Instead we met somewhere and stayed in hotel. We argue a lot as I always want more. Then one day middle of argument I said to him I want a boyfriend then he said oh I thought you were happy with how things were and I said no I wasn't but I tried to be not to lose you. I said that out of anger but I was never going to leave him as what he has. But Then he said ok he would try. Then again as he never wanted that so I never felt he was in love with me so argument never stopped. Then one week before my birthday we had argument and I said it's over coz he didn't really seem happy or serious. But I didn't mean and he knew that as he had gone through many times in the past then we always make up in the end. Now he got told that he has no more cancer and he gives me the impression he doesn't need me. When I said over he didn't try to make any fuss which he would if he was in love with me. Then we didn't talk for six days. He text me day before my birthday saying he would wish today then tomorrow. So from there we talked and he said and he wants to be freinds and close then I said so you are saying that we are just friends? He said yes. I said I don't want to be friends so on I begged him for 5 hours. But he keep saying no. I spent my birthday crying. Then I thought I will be friends and now I realised I can't and my friends told me to ingore him. so I have ignored his text but he doesn't seem bothered. I want him back. Please your advice would help me a lot. What should I do?


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  • he's not your boyfriend, get over it! he said NO, you even lowered yourself to BEGGING for 5 entire hours.. he doesn't want you and never will, please accept this truth and move on, don't waste your time

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