First ever date advice please!! I've never ever been on a date before?

I met this guy at my cousins wedding, he's my cousins cousin and he's 23 and I'm 20. But anyway, he's been texting me every single day since then. he's on the shyer side, and it took a little while, but I kind of worked him towards asking me to a movie. I know a movie isn't an ideal first date, but we have gotten to know each other through texting. The only thing is I'm not as physically attracted to him as I have been to other guys. I'm just extremely nervous. I don't know what to do when the movie is over, or anything!!! PLEASE I WOULD LOVE ANY ADVICE! I'm freaking out!


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  • Well first date is not supposed to be much more except talking about trivial things and when it's over maybe a kiss on the cheek or short kiss on the lips. You shouldn't be nervous at all about it, it's just like goin out with a friend.
    What I'm worried about is how you're saying that you're not as attracted to him as you've been to others. Think this well through and if you're not convinced about the future of this relationship do yourself and him a favor and don't go places you really don't want to be with him.

    • the whole thing with the attraction for me is, the more I talk to him, the more I like him. He's just not as physically attractive as other guys I've hung out with. I know that sounds. Little shallow, but I know that physical attraction in a relationship is important.

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