Date ideas, stud or thud?

This girl and I live close together. This would be ou 4th date. I like her but she's been really busy.

I was thinking about taking her to a nice resteraunt Sunday for a late brunch/early dinner then going to check out the art galleries nearby. Problem is getting there may suck a little bit (we have to take a bus since the train isn't work g).

Or we can go to this trendy resteraunt near us which had fun drinks (all of our dates have been in the neighborhood).

  • Resteraunt with art gallery
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  • Trendy resteraunt near you
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  • Me and this guy went to a gallery and a restaurant out of town and we took the train. Honestly, I loved it and had lots of fun being away from our usual local area. I liked taking the train because I could sit near him (lean on his shoulders if I wanted to) and even so we generally like walking together. U can even hold her hand on the way. The best part was spending all that time together because it meant we could prolong the day with longer rides taking the bus or train. And whose to say u can't do both dates? Do the trendy restaurant on the 6th date.

    • I just want to impress her and have a good time. It is very likely she's been there before... but I figure it is something different. Honestly, I don't care what we do, I just want to spend time with her..

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    • I'll give it a try, I get the sense she may not be that much into me as I am into her..

    • Give it time. Have fun! :)

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  • The bus could give the whoel day a good feel? Make it a trip! I'm sure that its just a minor thing. Explore!

    • Maybe so, but it is not a cool bus.

    • Man I do want to just hang out with her

    • I understand. Well then walk close by somewhere?

  • I would of said the place close by, but since every date has been local so far, it might be nice to have a change.

    • Yeah... Just to change it up. I don't want to seem boring. But getting there might suck a bit.

    • Ask her first if she minds the bus, some people only take it when they have to, like to and from work. If she doesn't mind buses it's ok. It gives you extra time to talk really since it will take longer.

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