Will he text me? will there be a 2nd date? Just had a successful online date... opinions please and poll!?

I recently relocated to a new city for my career. I decided to give online dating a shot and get my social life up and moving. I joined a site and met this handsome guy on there just one year older than me. We ended up messages each other and swapped phone numbers. We texted for 3 days straight (from good morning to good night... all started by him) and he planned a dinner date and we meet half way.
I thought the date went great... great conversation spanning on a variety of subjects, we flirted, teased each other. Great eye contact and I thought we communicated very well. No awkward silences at all. He was a perfect gentleman (originally from the mid-west), he opened all the doors for me, even the car doors, and paid for dinner fully, even though I offered to help. The night ended in him walking me to my car and we hugged and said good night. Even tho there was no kiss... I tried to signal him and I lingered but I don't think he picked up on it. Once I got home... I sent him a reassuring text of "thank you, I had a great time, good night" and he responded with similar.
The next day... No text from him.

So should I wait for him to text me first? maybe give him a few days?
or should I text him first?
or should I take a hint and drop it because he is not interested?

Dating is so freaking confusing with this instant gratification technology we have available to us.

  • Wait for him to text me first? (2-3 days maximum waiting)
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  • Should I text him first?
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  • Is he not interested?
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What Guys Said 1

  • The fact he didn't kiss you at the end of the date makes me wonder. As a guy, if the date is great i always kiss at the end of a date. As for the texting, be patient wait for him to text you. Anymore then 2 days without text could mean the obvious


What Girls Said 1

  • If a guy is really interested, he's scheduling that second date by the end of the first one. Either that or he's a game player, and who has time for that nonsense?